Things I Covet

1.  I’ve stopped myself from buying shoes for the past couple of months now, but now I don’t know how long that resolve will go on for.

I love Candie’s shoes – I think of all the shoes I have in my closet, this brand is the most well-represented. I just looooove the floral print on these shoes.  Want want want.

2.  I also really want these shoes (I’m too lazy to upload the picture since it’s not letting me save it.)  I have a similar pair (except without the fancy detailing) and I wore those shoes to death.  Seriously, I can’t wear them anymore because they make a loud CLOP sound when I walk, not unlike a horse’s hooves, and just look worn.  Those shoes have seen better days and they desperately need a replacement.

3.  So lately I’ve been on a Californication kick, mainly because of David Duchovny, but I really like the clothes that Natascha McElhone wears.  Like this jacket? I didn’t even know I needed it in my life until I started watching this show.

This is her character’s signature jacket, and I loooove it.  It’s just so casual and laidback, but also vintage rock n’ roll.  On a sidenote, while I may not be wild about her character (I mean, I like her enough, just she can be whiny and immature sometimes), I think Natascha McElhone is so pretty.  I would make a fourth entry saying that I covet her hair, but that would probably come off as a little creepy.


2 thoughts on “Things I Covet

  1. I adore the heading, “Don’t call me Cute!!!” Awesome.

    I was wondering why two blogs? is one private and one public??

    I cannot see the second picture, just the first, just so you know.

    What a learning experience we are having!!!!!

    • Thank you! I wonder why the second picture isn’t working. Ahhh I’ll reupload. I don’t know how to not moderate comments. You know? I don’t want to moderate comments! You all are friends!

      Yes, one is private. This is my public one 🙂

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