This Is a Message From the Universe to GO TO SLEEP

Tonight I watched more of Californication while working on the Blanket of Many Colors.  I am at the end of Season 2 and something bad happens to one of the characters.  Unfortunately, this was when Megavideo decided to tell me I have to wait another 72 minutes to watch the last episode, which means it will have to wait until tomorrow. I hate getting this invested in a TV show but it is always inevitable.  I had to go on Wikipedia to see what happened to this character because there wasn’t any way I could wait until tomorrow to find out.  I didn’t realize how much I liked this character until now.  Too bad.  I need to go to sleep, Mother of God.


4 thoughts on “This Is a Message From the Universe to GO TO SLEEP

  1. Oh! Megavideo let us watch hours and hours of great tv shows!! Why?? Ha ha! Maybe you needed some sleep instead 😉 I watch an episode of Desperate Housewives yesterday!!! 🙂 Haven’t watched for a year I think because I didn’t have the right tv channels.. the great thing is that I live so close to Denmark that I can watch Danish tv, and they have no subtitles on American/English tv shows 🙂 But unfortunately that tv series sucks now! they so need to stop before it’s too late..ha ha!

    • Maybe it’s only in the US where they limit us. I think we can watch only 72 minutes at a time. Then they let you wait an hour before you can watch more.

      I used to be obsessed with Desperate Housewives! The first season was so good. Then it got bad, really fast :\

  2. Hey! I am the same way with the shows I follow. Tonight, we were watching “Flashpoint,” on DVD from netflix. We finished this DVD and will have to wait for the next one. This particular show almost always ends with an awesome song. I really like that.

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