How I Spent My Weekend

This is what I did on Saturday night:

My brother bought me tickets and we drove to San Antonio to see the show. I like metal but I’m not as into thrash metal as my brother is.  But I figured it would a good experience, and now I can say that I’ve seen all of the “Big 4” (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax) in concert.  The concert was fun, though I have to admit I was pretty exhausted by the time Slayer went up there.  Listening to four hours of that music gets pretty intense, let me tell you.  I felt bad for the guy in front of me, because he was with this needy chick who kept on hugging him and sitting down during the show.  He was devoted to her but you could tell he wanted to rock out instead of tending to her.

Then today I hung out with some friends who live in the city before driving my brother back home.  Then we watched DEXTER.  I was so pumped for Dexter to return.  The first half of the episode was alright because it was just dealing with all the drama from last season’s finale but it got going by the end of the second half.

Just 5 more days to go until there’s another weekend.


2 thoughts on “How I Spent My Weekend

  1. Can you still hear, after living through a four hour heavy metal concert? I SAID, “CAN YOU STILL HEAR?”

    Just kidding. Glad you survived!

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