Fall TV

I usually do not watch the new crop of shows premiering on TV.  Every time I try to get into a new show, it gets canceled. I prefer to wait a bit and let it establish itself before watching.  I did watch an episode of Mike and Molly yesterday.  It was not bad. It has potential, I suppose.  I got excited when I saw Melissa McCarthy onscreen because I remember her from Gilmore Girls.  And it has the feel of an old-school sitcom – you know, the “filmed in front of a live studio audience” sort that I like.  But they need to stop doing the “LOL FAT JOKE” every three minutes.  That is my biggest criticism.  Why can’t they just focus on two characters who happen to be overweight and reference it every once in awhile instead of all these repetitive, juvenile fat jokes?

Speaking of new television shows, My Generation got abysmal ratings and reviews.  So it’s looking like my debut as a “background actor may not even happen.” COME ON SHOW, LAST UNTIL THE FOURTH EPISODE.  ALL I WANT IS TO SEE MY PINKIE FINGER ON TV, DAMN IT.

The best part about fall TV?  All the scary shows and movies to prep for Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Fall TV

  1. Oh, I hope your show lasts until the fourth episode!! Surely they will give it that long!

    I was interested to see Tom Selleck in a new show, as I used to watch him every week in “Magnum:PI,” and he was so young then!! I am hoping his new show makes it. It comes after a CSI show, so it has a good chance of lasting.

    One of my favorites from last season is the NCIS:LA. It did well, since it came on right after NCIS.

    I watched, “The Event,” and did not like it at all. So, as you say, many new shows will bit the dust. It is funny, now, that some of my favorite shows are in the off-season. There never used to be such a thing. On TNT, they have some shows that I love and they are on in the summer and during the holidays, times when the regular season shows are not on.

    Some of my favorites on TNT are, “The Closer,” “White Collar,” “Rizzoli and Isles,” and “House Calls.” I know a lot of people also like “Burn Notice.”

    • I hope so too! Fox canceled a show after only 2 episodes, so it’s definitely possible.

      Oh I am not sure what show he is doing. I like “Royal Pains” on USA, have you seen that one? It is during the summer. I think cable networks have some of the best shows on TV!

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