Somebody Please Help Me Understand Something

How is this woman a fashion icon?

I mean, yes, her hair and makeup look good, but her outfit is heinous. I know the 90’s are back, and that’s great, since it’s my favorite decade so far from my fairly short life, but honestly?  Bringing back the floral prints from 1992 are not necessary. I see enough of them when I look through family photo albums.  There’s a reason why those prints went out of style, and that’s because they are ugly as hell. I’m pretty sure the dress I wore for my second-grade school portrait has a similar print.

I’m confused with what’s going on with this dress. It looks like it’s backwards to me.  And with the black pantyhose?  No.

Katie Holmes doesn’t always wear bad outfits – I do like some  of the things she wears.  But I dislike how she’s morphed into this supposed style icon.  She’s not.  If anything, she’s morphed off of Victoria Beckham, who has actual style.  Posh and other real fashionistas, like Gwen Stefani, can wear pretty much anything and look amazing and to me, that’s the real mark of a true stylista.  If you attempt these outfits yourself, you will look stupid and will probably be snickered at as you attempt to wear the outfit in public, but somehow they pull it off. That’s real talent.

Katie Holmes is not there yet.  I don’t know if she will ever be.   Besides, her style is so staid and proper for her age.  She is only 31 and yet sometimes I feel like she’s wearing items from the “mature” catalog.

Finally, she dresses her toddler in high heels (!!!), which means I will never take her seriously as a human being.


7 thoughts on “Somebody Please Help Me Understand Something

  1. Ha ha! I thought she was like 36 or something ha ha! Great you informed me 😉 Why dress up a toddler in high heels? to make it look older?? Let the poor kids be kids until they are at least 6 years old!

    • Right when she met Tom Cruise, I remember my brother and I discussing how immature she looked and acted for her age (which was hypocritical of me to do, because now that Im’ 26, I sure don’t look or act like it). But ever since she married him, she started looking like an old lady. I don’t know why she dresses her toddler in heels but it’s so freaking stupid. Babies should not be in high heels and makeup. They have 50+ years to explore that avenue, let them be kids! She puts makeup on her daughter and these totally ridiculous baby heels – ughhh I can’t stand it. Look how stupid that looks. Plus, it can be damaging for her developing bones. There is a fashion designer here who highly criticized her for being so ridiculous and I loved it.

      • Haha! the funny thing is that, that kid looks great! I mean those shoes are pretty cute, and the coat but not for a child.. my cousins children have those kind of shoes, but only when they play dress up.. it looks very stupid!! I thought their child was older, but nope.. haha! I’m sooo not updated ha ha!

      • The kid does dress well (despite the high heels). The shoes look stupid, right? I would say that Suri is just about always better dressed than her mother.

  2. LOL!!! You made me laugh so hard. Great points. Seriously, her child wears high heels.

    The dress she has on is awful and the dark hose go against every fashion rule I know. AWFUL! I think she should be in “People Magazine,” as a huge fail!

    • Haha! Glad it made you laugh. I cannot stand the way she dresses Suri. Babies should not be in high heels! Mothers who think so should be banned from having more children.

      I honestly don’t know how she walked out of the house with that dress.

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