Thinking Outside the Box

My brother Patrick is taking a business technical writing class this semester.  He sent me some of his assignments, and they are too hilarious not to share.  This letter is in response to a prompt to write a letter about an “unpleasant customer experience.” 

Mr. Tommy Lee, Manager
666 Awesome Dr.
Los Angeles, CA              

Dear Mr. Lee:


 The twin robotic she-bear guardians I ordered from the Second Kings website arrived within the given time-frame. One works fine, however the other one is lacking the necessary eye lasers.

 After powering up the she-bears and feeding them the entire bag of Blood of the Innocent juice that came with them as a special Christmas bonus, I noticed that one of the she-bears could not fire lasers from its eyes. I consulted the manual and it said to unscrew the skull and spray WD-40 onto the sensors just above the eyes. I did this, but the eyes still did not shoot lasers.

 Since your website advertised that both robotic she-bear guardians would have eye lasers, and only one of mine does, then my order has not been fulfilled. I would like to send the defective she-bear in for repairs.

 I understand how busy this time of year is, so if repairs cannot be done within the next two weeks, then please refund my $15. I appreciate the professionalism of the Second Kings customer service department as well as the punctuality of the delivery.



His professor has a good sense of humor, because Patrick has received A’s on his assignment so far.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box

  1. That is awesome!!! I bet the professor is so glad that someone is being creative. I love the address at the top…”Awesome Drive.” The letter is wonderful. Please keep sharing these with us. Great reading material 😀

  2. LOL.
    I love this!

    I liked taking boring, awful assignements and turning them into something awesome. For my mythology class, I had to analysis a piece of art and link it to an ancient greek/roman mythological story. Everyone picked those cookie-cutter romantic paintings. I did a Rauschenberg.

    It was super fun.

    THEN we had to watch a movie and compare it to the “hero myth” — similarities and such — I chose Shaun of the Dead.

    Luckily I had professors who appreciated it too. Haha.

    • LOL Shaun of the Dead, that is awesome! It bet they think it’s refreshing when a student doesn’t do the same conventional thing they’ve heard a million times before.

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