30 Days of Blogging – Day 5

Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.

This is me around August 2008.  2008 was one of those “character building years.”  I was doing well in my job but everything else was kind of weird.  I had just moved to the city by myself, and was experiencing a lot of loneliness.  I was dancing a lot but not really connecting with anyone.  I kept on wrecking my damn car.  2008 was a good year for me to live through for the sake of a lot of life experience crammed into one year, but with a couple of exceptions, I wouldn’t relive it.

Except for the Foo Fighters concert, I’d relive that in a heartbeat.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Blogging – Day 5

  1. Character building year. That’s a positive spin on what sounds like a very trying year.

    I feel like maybe 2009-2010 was/is my character building time. I don’t like it. Haha.

    Your hair looks really good in that photo.

    • Thank you! This was before I fried my hair to oblivion.

      Here is how I feel about character building: It sucks to go through, but is absolutely necessary. You may look back to this time in your life and think, “Well, that wasn’t a lot of fun,” but you’ll be in a better place and realize that without those trying times, you never would have improved. 2008 was the first year of real adulthood for me. I don’t want to make it sound worse than it was – I had a good job, a nice apartment, and my family. But it was a textbook case of money not buying happiness – I would look around my empty apartment and think, “This is adulthood? I’m lonely, I don’t have any friends, and I’m afraid of driving anywhere. This really sucks.” But it got better – I started investing more time in the friends I did have and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 2010 has been the best personal year I’ve had in a long time…on the flip side, it’s a “character building” year as far as work is concerned. I’ve learned some tough lessons this year that I will carry throughout my career.

      It will get better, I promise you, very soon. You are already making the first steps, and one day you’ll look back on this and think, “…yeah, I don’t want to relive it, but I’m glad I did it because I feel so much stronger and capable of dealing with whatever life brings me.” ::hugs::

  2. What a beautiful picture! I am sorry that 2008 was so difficult. I am sure you are glad to have those experiences behind you! It sounds like it was a lonely and tedious year. Here is to hoping that the rest of 2010 will be wonderful!

    • Oh no, I’m sorry I’m so tardy in answering this sweet comment. Thank you Freedom! I am grateful for those experiences because, as lonely as they were, they made me into a better person today. That sounds trite but it’s true. I know that life will never be perfect, but that year taught me that if I surround myself with the ones I love, I will be ok!

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