A Music Post

So, last Sunday, I went to ACL.  It was my second ACL Festival (I only get the one-day passes…one day is more than enough).  The last one I had attended was in 2008, which was the year that the Foo Fighters headlined.  That concert changed my life (I hate saying things like that because it sounds so overdramatic, like I’m some 12-year-old discovering Justin Bieber for the first time or something…but it’s true. One day, I’ll make a post explaining why).  I have great memories of that day, so I was hoping that ACL 2010 would deliver.

Our approach this year was different than in 2008.  At the 2008 show, we had attended specifically for the Foo Fighters, so we had camped out for about 7 hours at the stage they were performing at.  I mean, it was worth it because we were SO CLOSE.

I’m zoomed in a little (I think) but we were still freaking close. I had videos from that show, but they are lost somewhere. I guess that’s good because I was all “WOOOOO” in all of them, which is embarrassing.  Anyway, so yeah, while we were really close and got to see good bands throughout the day, it didn’t allow for a lot of relaxing.  Plus, I got ridiculously sick afterward since I was crammed into all those crowds all day.

This year, I went to the Festival with Pat, Tap, and his sister.  The only band I wanted to see was The Eagles, who were headlining.  Pat wanted to see a band called Cage the Elephant.  For the rest of the day, we just followed Tap around.  We saw several bands but I can’t say I was a fan of most of them. I really dislike the generic indie sound, which is what a lot of these bands had.  I even saw a little of The Flaming Lips, but I think I was too sober to enjoy that show.  The only bands I liked were Midlake and Cage the Elephant (I bought their CD – highly recommended).  But it was still a great time, because I had a lot of fun with my friends.  I fell asleep in the sun while listening to music.  Tap and I also got into a grass fight.

And then – the Eagles.  I told myself that I wouldn’t care to be near the front when they were playing, but as soon as they started playing, I changed my mind.  Patrick held on to my shoulder while we braved our way near the front.  They were phenomenal. I mean, I knew the show would be good, but I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. The vocals were still amazing, especially Don Henley’s. Wow.  Don Henley was never my favorite Eagle but his voice sounds just like it does on all the records.  They played many of their hits. Before the show, I had been hoping they would either play “The Long Run” or “One of These Nights,” which I love.  They played “The Long Run.” When I heard the recognizable drum intro, I jumped up and said, “I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG,” which was probably way more exuberance than was necessary.  They also played a lot of their solo stuff.  Don Henley sang “Boys of Summer,” and “Dirty Laundry.”  Joe Walsh sang a lot of his solo stuff, including “Life’s Been Good to Me So Far,” which was so awesome and unexpected.  They closed with “Take It to the Limit” and “Desperado.”  Excellent, excellent show.

Lately I’ve been trying to widen my listening palette, because I tend to get stuck in the same genre or with artists I’m already familiar with.  Songs I am kind of obsessed so far – “Laredo” by Band of Horses, “Now, Now,” St. Vincent, “Tiny Little Robots,” Cage the Elephant, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond),” Arcade Fire, “Diet Mountain Dew,” Lana Del Ray.

Finally, I’m wrapping up this post with a drum update…I have officially moved to sheet music, which means I’m learning the real drum parts to an entire song (YESSSSSSSSSSS).  My first part is set to “One Thing Leads to Another” by the Fixx, a song I freaking love. I feel like a real drummer now.


2 thoughts on “A Music Post

  1. How awesome that you heard the Eagles and that they sounded just like on the album. That is almost a thing of the past these days, with voices being changed with computers. Many of the new “stars” have terrible concerts, I have heard. As my son said, all they need to do is be good looking and the computer can fix the voice.

    I love the old bands, like the Eagles! Sounds like a wonderful day for you. I am so glad you had a relaxing and fun day. You were due for one after the craziness of your work!

    • What I’ve noticed with classic rock artists is they all have incredible energy! They are obviously living their passion and that’s what is keeping them young.

      I love old bands too 🙂 Classic rock is my favorite.

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