A Super Quick Update

1.  I survived the plane flight.  Flying is my top biggest fear and while I can’t say I got rid of it this weekend, I at least gave it a shot.  But oh goodness, do I detest flying.  Especially landing…probably because I did a lot of research on plane crashes and a lot happen during final descent (damn me and my morbid curiosity). Every time the plane would make a banked turn, I would freak out and  think of that Buffalo plane crash last year and think, “OH GOD IS THIS IT? ARE WE CRASHING? OH GOD.”

2.  Seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins again after so long was incredible.

3.  This weekend was epic – Philly on Friday, DC on Saturday (for the rally!!!) and NYC on Sunday.

4.  I’m officially in love with NYC and I only spent a day there.  I’m such a cliche.

5.  I have so much work to catch up on, including a memo, but I’ve been unable to concentrate since I’ve returned…now I have to finish it because my superiors are expecting it soon.  Unfortunately it is an analytical memo that I still have to figure out how to do.

6.  I have so many adventures to update you on…but I need to finish my work first. Sigh.

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