Men Who Don’t Recognize Good Fashion, and Other Tragedies

I was in NYC two weeks ago (I have been delinquent in writing up my trip).  As I probably have mentioned multiple times, I loved it so much that I am wholeheartedly willing to leave behind the warmth of Texas, where my family and best friends live, and pack up and move.  I have already discussed moving there both with my cousin Amanda and close friend Meghan. I envision the three of us sharing an apartment (because how else will we be able to afford it?), three totally hip and fashionable single women, experiencing life in the Big Apple.  It would be kind of like Sex and the City, if you will, except far less sluttier.

Anyway, I went shopping when I was there and bought these boots. I was completely inspired, not only by my very chic cousin, but by all the fashion I saw in the streets. I felt like I was looking through the September issue of Lucky.   Such inspirational looks.  The women on the East Coast, especially in New York, are effortlessly chic.  There is minimalist feel to their looks, which really appeals to me – I’ve never been one to accessorize.  And the boots – every woman wore a different pair of stylish boots. I coveted each pair I walked by.  So when my Zia Lucia pointed to a pair of $30 boots in a shop in Manhattan, I didn’t pass the opportunity up.  Looky:

They are pretty comfortable and have this rocker edge to them.  What you don’t see is this prominent zipper along the side (it’s just there for show, as the salesman informed me as I tried yanking it down to put my foot in).

I love these boots.  Love them.  I look at them and love them because I can say that I got them in New York, because it reminds me of shopping with my aunt and cousin.  I have already worn them many times since I’ve been back.  This is no small feat.  For one thing, it doesn’t really get cold in Texas until late November, maybe December.  It’s hard to predict when exactly it will be cold, which is why I have been wearing my boots frequently.  Who cares if it’s 80 degrees outside?  It’s November, which means it’s autumn, which is boot weather in my book.

I wore my New York boots on Thursday. I wore them with skinny jeans, a sleeveless tank, and a cardigan sweater over it. Again, it was like 80 degrees outside, but it’s cold in my office, so whatever.  I took a lunch break and went to Jimmy John’s.  The man at the counter asked me a question that sounded like “White Horses,” and that confused me, because it didn’t sound like a menu item.  “Huh?” I said.  “Do you ride horses?” he asked.

It took me a second to realize why he’d ask that.  “Oh…no,” I replied.

Then later on at drum lessons, my teacher pointed at my boots and said, “Do you ride motorcycles?”  Since this is cooler than riding a horse, I gave him the full explanation.  “It’s a fashion statement,” I said.

I’m just amused when men assume that we choose an article of clothing for utilitarian reasons, when girls really just want to have fun.


10 thoughts on “Men Who Don’t Recognize Good Fashion, and Other Tragedies

  1. 2 Things:

    A.) I think it’s really funny that up north, it’s understood that boots are a fashion statement…but in Texas, it’s quite possible you may ride horses, or ride motorcycles…lol. Not that people don’t ride motorcycles up north…it just seems more texas to me I guess.

    I love boots. In Italy, I saw them everywhere. Unfortunately, I have very big calves… and I don’t think they would work with my current wardrobe or my current figure. Someday though, I will have boots. I want at least one pair of cowboy boots in either a turquoise or a red…. one pair of brown boots, and of course one pair of black. Someday.

    B.) I love your vision of NYC living with all of us sharing an apt! Although I’m totally planning to slut it up if I live up there… it’s the only way to be.

    …. KIDDING.

  2. I like the boots. I think I left my boots at my parents’ house. I should probably retrieve them because it *is* starting to get cooler here. I think it’s suppose to be in the 50s today.

    I love it.

    It also makes me giggle because no one’s ever assumed (not even boys) I wear boots because I ride horses or motorcycles. Texas is a silly place. 😛

    • Thank you! It’s a bit cool here too. Man, the state you live in is so purty. I just loved seeing trees that actually change color for fall.

      I think the fashion in Texas happens to be very practical…except in the bigger cities, like the one I live in, Dallas, etc, you see fashionable people. There are certain things I could wear in Austin but not in my hometown, because I would stand out and attract unwanted attention. South Texas is very, very different. Haha.

  3. Ahhh! I love your boots!!! they look like mine, but they are black! I want a pair too!!!! 🙂 You can wear them to anything and it fits! Just have to tell you 😉 Lady Gaga is coming to Malmö (where I live) on Friday.. my friends are going there..! 🙂 I think they’ll have soo much fun! The tickets sold out sooooo quickly! Just had to say that because I remember you went to one of her concerts 🙂 I’m always sooo slow lol!!

    • Thank you! We have good taste in boots 😀

      Aww I’m sorry you didn’t get tickets. I’m sure she will be doing another tour soon. You know what? I heard that a lot of venues have last-minute seats for sale. You could always try to get a ticket that way! Yes, your friends will have fun, she puts on a great show.

  4. Love you post and your boots are fabulous!! I love them. Boots are all the rage here! How funny that the man asked if you rode horses. What rock has his head been under?

    My 22 year old, who will be graduating in May from the University, is applying to two schools in NYC for his master’s degree. He would be so at home there. I hope he gets to do it. He is so fashionable anyway. I think he would take the city by storm.

    16’s boots came in the mail today. I am going to have her try them on to make sure the size is correct and I figure I will let her wear them. Why wait until Christmas and miss two whole months of enjoying them!! Hers are grey suede and of the shorter version but that is more her style.

    I love your last line, since we girls “just want to have fun!” SO TRUE!!

  5. My son is going to get his MBA but I know he will use all of his art and creativity in whatever job he ends up with in the end. (Be sure to listen to the song on my blog. You will get a kick out of it!)

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