“You Radiate Cold Shafts of Broken Glass”

Tonight was one of those good shopping trips, i.e. I didn’t spend a lot of money, got lucky with some refunds, and had some good cheap finds.  At one of my favorite haunts, Half Price, I found this album:

Pink Floyd, Animals

I’m nowhere near the obsessive Pink Floyd fan I was at 18. They were my favorite band for a long time, and while I still count them as among my favorites, I’d have to say that I’d be dishonest if I said they are my number one band anymore – that honor goes to the Foo Fighters.  But I’m always on the lookout to complete my collection of their 70s albums, which is sorely lacking (I only have Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and their best of compilation).  It’s hard to find good Pink Floyd albums at Half Price (I can’t say I’m a huge fan of their later issues – the late, greatDr. Kramer was right when he said “All good Pink Floyd records are on vinyl.”)

Anyway, I was excited to find this CD tonight, particularly for the songs “Sheep” and “Pigs (Three Different Ones).”   I was playing “Pigs,” which is where the title of this entry comes from. It just struck me as a brilliant lyric. I don’t know how many frickin’ times I’ve heard this song over the years, and yet I’m still discovering little nuances.  I love how you can still find novelty in familiarity.


8 thoughts on ““You Radiate Cold Shafts of Broken Glass”

  1. Sounds like a great shopping trip. When you say album, do you mean in CD form? I love to hear songs from days gone by. So much fun!

  2. Hi, I know commenting on an old post can be annoying but I just want to ask you something.
    I’m an English-Persian translator and currently I’m working on Pink Floyd lyrics. However, This line is killing me: “You Radiate Cold Shafts of Broken Glass”. Since you’ve chosen it for your entry’s title, would you mind explain it in plain English, Pleeeaaase! I really Appreciate it.

    • Hi! I’m not sure if I can explain it in plain English, but I’ll do my best…I’ve always interpreted it to mean as this is a person with a really cold, prickly personality. Does that help?

      • Thanks a lot! That helped cause I was mostly interested in your personal opinion.
        For you, does “cold shafts of broken glass” mean for example “rays of lights which have gone through a broken glass & become twisted & distorted”? Is this relevant for you?
        For you, does the phrase have any “visual quality” or it is just about the “personality”?

      • No, I don’t interpret it as “rays of lights which have gone through a broken glass…” It’s more about the personality to me. The imagery makes me think of a cold, unapproachable person. If you take it literally, imagine walking next to a person and being cut by shards of glass surrounding them.

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