“Oh, I’m At a Crossroads With Myself…”

This weekend was a pretty good one. My parents came up to visit yesterday, which is always fun.  This morning Pat and I woke up at 5:30 to drive out to Cedar Creek for Warrior Dash.  This was my first race in years…since 2004.  We did the race with Tap. Conrad was on-hand to support us, take pictures and video, hold our keys, and other de facto “dad” activities. The race was a 5K and was a lot of fun.  They have different obstacles for you to complete along the way, like climbing up things or crawling through wire.  The first mile kind of sucked because my stomach was killing me, but luckily I’ve been running long enough to know that those pains just sort of work themselves out after awhile.  Sure enough, I was doing better after the second or third obstacle and was feeling great.  My favorite obstacles were the water-related ones.  We had to wade through this creek and it was awesome because there were random sinkholes in the creek, so you would fall in deeper after every couple of steps.

The very last obstacle had us crawling in the mud pit.  The only daunting obstacle, I’d say, was jumping over two rows of fire. That’s right, fire.  It didn’t look very intimidating from the pictures but the fire was about knee-height.  Plus I’d heard horror stories of people falling in and flesh falling from them.  So I put on a D: face to motivate myself and did it.  Patrick and I crossed the finish line together.  We were VERY muddy at the end.  I had a great time hanging with my brother and best friends…don’t quite know what I’d do without them.

After my family left this afternoon, my spirits needed a little lifting, so I went to drink some delicious peppermint hot cocoa at Barnes and Noble and read a book. I also did a little shopping and found some cheap music.  I bought 52nd Street, Is This It? and Grace.  My dad listened to the 52nd Street album a lot when I was in high school, and it was the first time that I realized that Billy Joel has some amazing songs outside of the ones you hear on the radio all the time.  Is This It? reminds me of when I was seventeen and just discovering music.  I remember the Strokes performed on Saturday Night Live that year and my parents were less than impressed with the performance, saying, “…you like these guys?”  Whatever, the CD is catchy as hell.

And Grace.  I have loved Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah” for years now.  I had listened to the CD a couple of years ago and I thought it wasn’t bad, but nothing that I had to run out and buy.  Patrick recently took me up on my recommendation to listen to “Hallelujah” and quickly became obsessed with Jeff Buckley and his album.  Since Patrick was listening to it, I decided to give it one more try (we influence each other on music a lot.  I got him into Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and introduced him to Metallica a longtime ago…he got me into Foo Fighters and more metal).  Oh my goodness. I don’t know if I needed to mature to appreciate this album or if my taste has improved or what, but it is amazing. And I know that’s so cliche for me to say because it seems like every music fan is all “OMG JEFF BUCKLEY IS AMAZING” but it’s so true.  There aren’t many artists who I can say make me nearly teary because the music is so beautiful, but this CD makes me feel that way (actually, um, I can’t think of any others.)  It’s so angsty and hauntingly gorgeous.  Love it, love it, love it.

Speaking of amazing songs:

I heard this song about two months ago and was obsessed at first listen.  I haven’t heard any other of Band of Horses’ music but if their stuff is anything like this song, then I’m sold. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song on repeat. Fucking love it.

My cousin Amanda sent me a very funny text today…I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I’ve seen her and my relatives. As terrified as I am of flying, I look at planes flying and wish I were on one to my next adventure.   The thought of living in NYC with my cousin and friend sounds more appealing every day.


4 thoughts on ““Oh, I’m At a Crossroads With Myself…”

  1. Neat song. I like it. The video is really interesting too.

    The race sounds amazing. I cannot imagine that being fun. You must have a lot more gumption than me is you are out there slogging through mud and jumping over fire. I will stay here and read about it on your blog. I do hope someone took pictures because that would be priceless!!! I want to see you doing these thing. Wow. I am so impressed. To have that kind of gumption. Good for you!! 😀

    • The race was a blast! Haha, I’m a tomboy and I don’t mind getting a little messy…I promise it’s a lot of fun! Tap took video and as soon as we get Conrad’s video, he’ll mix it together and post on youtube – I’ll definitely post here! I’m waiting for the professional photos to come out.

      But yes, the fire was a bit intimidating…haha!

  2. That Warrior Dash thing sounds awesome. I’ve wanted to do something like that for ages. The knee-height rows of fire would freak me out though. You’re so brave!

    Jeff Buckley sounds like he’s crying in The Last Goodbye. I can’t listen to it if I’m sad cuz it would only make me sadder.

    I was kind of like you when I came back from NYC. I daydreamt about moving there and having my own apartment. But after a while it dawned on me that it would always be a daydream and just…stopped. But there might be hope for you. I’m rooting for you!

    • Haha you should totally do it. You know, it’s not too bad. As long as you get a good running start, you should be ok.

      I’ve been listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley lately and yeah, if you are already in a sad state of mind, it definitely enhances that feeling.

      Oh, this is probably nothing more than a dream as well…but it’s nice to have 🙂

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