I Want This Hair

I never quite saw the appeal of Taylor Swift.  I don’t have anything against her, personally, and I do like that one song she does, “You Belong With Me,” or whatever.  But I don’t look to her for fashion inspiration and generally avoid her music or any of the media hype associated with her.

I was looking through photos of best/worst fashion from the AMAs this year (because that’s a really constructive way of spending my time) and could hardly recognize her:

She looks incredible! I think she looks so much better with straight hair rather than curly, and her makeup makes her eyes look so much bigger.  My hair is pretty short right now, but when it grows out, I want this hairstyle.  It’s edgy and rocker chic, but so flattering.  It would take me probably two years to grow my hair this long, but if I do, I totally am trying this hairdo.  Well done, Taylor Swift.

2 thoughts on “I Want This Hair

  1. You see, I thought it made her look… average and my sister *hated* this hairstyle on her. (My sister has crazy curly hair and loves that Taylor Swift plays her curls up so well.)

    I could go into more detail, but I think I mostly dislike Taylor and not the hair. Haha. I’m sure it would look cute on someone without a bitch-face.

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