Downtown Adventures

Tonight I went downtown. Usually I go with friends, but my friends were occupied tonight, so I went by myself.  I was going to leave early because I didn’t think I would have as much fun by myself, but I decided to stick it out and see what was going on.  I’m really glad I did, because I had a wonderful time.

I didn’t go to any clubs or anything – I am really not into them, and only go to them if my friends meet up there.  Instead, I walked through the streets and people-watched.  I’m not really a drinker so this is the part I enjoy the most when I’m with friends – just seeing the mass of people and what sort of craziness is going on in the streets.

Tonight was a holiday event downtown, so live bands were playing at various venues.  I stopped and watched an excellent one. I will definitely be checking out their shows in the future.  I also heard an amazing classical guitarist.  I just felt so invigorated and alive walking through the streets, feeling the cold wind blowing in my face, feeding off the vibrant energy of the people walking around me.  It made me think of New York.  I miss it but downtown tonight was an acceptable substitute.  I walked until my feet hurt.

The night was full of events that I scribbled into my “sketches” notebook once I returned home (it’s a quirky notebook I keep full of scraps of things I’ve done this year, along with poems and angsty scribblings here and there).  I’m definitely glad I decided to stay, explore, and have some adventures.

On a side note, I heard this song for the first time tonight and am now completely obsessed with it.



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