Facebook Trends That Need to Die, Part 2

2.  Posting pictures of your boyfriend/girlfriend instead of yourself.  What, are we in high school?  Do you not have an identity outside of your significant other? Why do we want to see your shirtless boyfriend in bed as your profile pic?  Shouldn’t that be kept private? I don’t understand.

3.  Trainwreck status updates.  Yes, we all get those self-pitying, “woe is me” moments in life.  While posting about them on Facebook may make you feel better, it will make everyone else think you are pathetic.  Wondering why you are still single on Facebook and if anyone will ever love you are thoughts best shared with your best friend, mother, or therapist, not your Facebook audience.

4.  Changing profile pictures or posting status updates “for a cause.”  I don’t think changing my picture to Angelica from the Rugrats really will raise any sort of awareness for child abuse.  What the fuck does that have to do with child abuse?  Is it raising any sort of funds or volunteer hours for the cause?  No, it’s just an excuse for people to change their profile pictures and follow a trend without thinking.  And posting a flirty reference to my bra color in my status update is not going to raise awareness for breast cancer, either.  All that stupid-ass trend did was let me know what color bras my relatives are wearing. NO THANK YOU, FACEBOOK.


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