Facebook Trends That Need to Die

1.  Getting obsessed with an activity and posting about it ALL THE FUCKING TIME

Ok, so we get it.  You are really into an activity and want to post about it.  That’s cool. Share your excitement with your family and friends.  But oh my goodness, I get so tired of seeing the same fucking updates from certain people. These people (and there are more than one) post multiple times a day about how much they love whatever it is that they are doing. WE GET IT.  AND WE DON’T CARE.

There was one person who used to talk about Kung Fu. All the time.  How many times a day, how enjoyable it was, how good it felt to be punching things. Every single effing day.  It seems almost like this person was trying to account for an inferiority complex.  DEFRIENDED (I wasn’t close to this person anyway, just someone I met at a party once).

I used to post a lot about running back in the day.  And I was starting to post a lot about drumming. Then I realized how annoying it was and stopped. I wish other people would get the memo.  I have a new hobby for them to embrace – not posting about the specifics of the hobby they are currently obsessed with.  Mother of God. NO ONE CARES.

If you want to talk that much about your hobby, get a blog.  It makes the narcissistic and self-serving posts more justifiable.


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