Marcia Ball

When I was in jazz dance class in college (that class was nearly five years ago…OMG), my instructor played us one song to dance to that I didn’t recognize.  I loved the song but never asked her what it was called.  For about two or three years, the singer remained a mystery until I watched a Youtube video of a singer named Marcia Ball someone posted on Facebook.  “Wait, that singer sounds familiar,” I thought.  Sure enough, she was the singer of the song that I had so fruitlessly searched for.  Here is the song, called “Why Women Cry.”  (When I used to google the lyrics, I would get the Roy Orbison song, which was very frustrating.)

I love that song. I don’t know any of her other songs, but she will be in town this weekend and I just purchased a ticket to her show.  It should be good.  I hope she plays this one.


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