Ombre Hair – WTF

I was reading the December issue of InStyle magazine recently, and they were reviewing trends for the year. One that I was totally not aware of is “Ombre Hair,” as illustrated below.

The article made it seem like there is a fashionable, casual elegance to wearing your hair in this style. To me, the look more or less says, “Hey, I’ve been too lazy to get my hair done for the past six months, so I’m just going to grow it out now so the roots look as heinous as possible! Yeah!”

I’m always amused at how celebrities, who have all the disposable income in the world in which to look their best, enjoy forfeiting simple beauty maintenance techniques and somehow inexplicably¬†start trends. I’m even more amused at the fact that fashion magazines then recommend these same trashy-chic trends to us plebeians; while they may make the celebrities look grungy-glamorous, they have the effect of making the rest of us look homeless.

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