Oh, the Horror

I’m going to go see a movie tonight, so I picked out a warm outfit since a cold front is coming in.  I picked a long-sleeved, black plaid flannel shirt and skinny jeans.  I put on my black-rimmed glasses and looked into the mirror. My hair is cut into a short style with bangs, and as I looked into the mirror and surveyed my outfit, I realized something.  I am dressed like a hipster.  Oh, dear God.

However, I like my outfit too much to take it off, and I know that in my heart, I’m not a hipster…so it’s okay.

Now excuse me as I go off to watch my pretentious arthouse film.


9 thoughts on “Oh, the Horror

    • Hipsters are a very specific sub-culture that has a certain sense of style, listens to a specific type of music, and has kind of random but well-known eccentricities – (i.e. drinks a certain type of beer, etc). I hate using a web page to reply to your question, but I don’t quite know how to answer it without some evidence! Hehe. http://www.beautynewsnyc.com/home/uploads/2007/09/hipster-bingo.jpg This is a pretty funny little picture of a lot of stereotypical hipster features.

      The movie was great! I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very dark film, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing your kids to it.

  1. Ah, I looked at the link. I do not think you have any worries about looking like a hipster. That page was so funny! Thanks for the education!

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