Do You Guys Ever Feel This Way?

Today, I felt like an old soul.  I can’t explain it.  Usually I feel a lot younger than I am.  I know 26 is not old by any means, but mentally I usually feel like I’m still 18 or 19. I know I’m an adult, but I think I’m pretty bad at being one.  But today I just felt old.  My friend says I’m ridiculous.  Perhaps this is true.


I’m glad it’s almost the weekend.  After next Wednesday, I’m free for four days. I’m still in denial that this year is almost over.  This weekend I plan on baking Christmas goodies for dear friends and family all over the States.  Oh, and Christmas shopping too.  My mom already told me what she wants (a pair of shoes from Target).  That should be easy, but it’s also a very dangerous gift to purchase, because it means I have to step foot in a Target. I’ve been trying very hard not to go into Target unless I really have to.  You know that Facebook group, “I went into Target to buy shampoo, and I spent $150?”  Yeah. Totally true.

I miss my aunt, uncle, and cousins on the East Coast.  I’ve been wanting to go back to Philadelphia and NYC so badly lately.  Even if it means going on a plane.


7 thoughts on “Do You Guys Ever Feel This Way?

  1. Can you order the shoes from I don’t know if that’s worse for you.. or you could have someone pick them up for you!
    Good luck with the baking. I’m in the middle of that right now.

    • That’s a good idea…not sure if it will come in on time though, thanks to my procrastination. Oh well, I’ll just have to be responsible and not do any personal shopping while I’m there. Haha.

      Thanks! I see your twitter entries about your cookies and they make me soo hungry!

      I’m sorry it’s making me approve your comments first. I have no idea why. It did that last night to one of my friends, too.

  2. Oh my god, COME BACK TO THE EAST COAST! 😀

    I love Target. I have somehow developed the ability to say no to things while I’m there (I just avoid the shoe department). It also helps that retail therapy is now too expensive to indulge in at ever whim. Damn bills and shit.

    • You are a better woman than me! I walked out of there with a new pair of boots. I NEEDED THEM, OK? (Not really).

      I really hope to go back next summer, hopefully with my parents.

      Yes, I hate that you can’t edit/delete comments. My one complaint with WordPress.

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