Top Movies of 2010

I can’t say that I saw every movie released in 2010, but I went to the theaters more than usual this year.  There were some I watched that were pretty terrible (The Wolfman), so-so (I can’t say I loved Kick Ass as much as the rest of America did) and total guilty pleasures (Jackass 3D wasn’t a waste of money. YEAH, I SAID IT.)

Here is my top-five list of movies that kept me thinking long after the credits rolled, made me laugh, or made me cry (damn you, Pixar).

1.  Inception – I can’t think of the last time I enjoyed analyzing a movie.  This film really is a cerebral puzzle that is hard to take in all in one viewing. I watched it for the second time yesterday and was able to catch nuances that I missed the first time.  The ending is still heavily debated but I’m sticking with my original interpretation of it .

2.  Black Swan – Black Swan was a pleasant surprise.  This film kept me thinking after the credits – the reality was so distorted through Nina’s mental breakdown that it becomes difficult to discern. I look forward to watching the film again so I can analyze it further.

3.  The Other Guys – I will watch pretty much anything Will Ferrell does…that being said, I think his output the past couple of years (Semi-Pro, Stepbrothers) has been pretty disappointing.  But The Other Guys was a return to form and the best film of his since Talladega Nights. What I really liked about this movie is that it was a mix of your standard buddy-cop movie with the absurd elements that accompany any Adam McKay/Will Ferrell collaboration.  Mark Wahlberg also played against type and was pretty hilarious (“IT’S A BAD TIME, BOB.”)

4.  Toy Story 3 – The first Toy Story came out when I was 11, so I grew up with these movies.  The sequels have been consistently fantastic (a rare feature).  I thought this film wrapped up the series beautifully. And I may or may not have cried at the end, DON’T JUDGE ME. DAMN YOU, PIXAR.

5.  Catfish -Yes, the movie was completely mismarketed as a thriller, and yes, it may/may not be fake, but it was still an intriguing little film that makes you reconsider your online friendships.


2 thoughts on “Top Movies of 2010

  1. I think that some Ghoulish Horror could
    have been interesting too, well maybe? lol
    I like your idea of adding film reviews as
    it offers the reader an optional choice of
    viewing the movie for themselves, or just
    taking a glimpse through your personal
    viewpoint… Yes a good blog this one…


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