I brought my drum kit down for the holidays, but between the actual holidays and inherent laziness on my part, very little jamming occurred until yesterday, when Tap, Patrick, and I had a marathon 2-hour jam session. It was actually the first time all three of us had played together in the same room.  I had already gone for a 7-mile run and geocaching that day, so I was pretty wiped, but we were able to get some good jamming in.  Here is a very short video of us.

In case you’re wondering why I say, “Stop!” at one point, it’s because I was getting annoyed at the bell sounds coming from my ride cymbal on my kit. So yeah, I was telling an inanimate object to stop.  Cool.


4 thoughts on “Jammin’

    • Haha it’s not a silly comment! You got the term right :p Yes, I just started learning double bass. I’m not playing it in this video though. You hear a lot of double bass in metal songs.

      • Haha! that’s funny! I met a guy once and the only thing he talked about, thought of, and god knows what was about Metallica.. I mean EVERYTHING! haha! Everytime I hear the word Metallica I feel sick LOL! I thought about that now, because of the word metal, hahaha! Funny! 😉
        Good luck with drum practice!

      • LOL that had to have been boring to hear about the same band all the time! You do hear double bass in Metallica. The drummer is pretty good but he’s not anything spectacular. LOL I will stop talking about Metallica. Thanks, I need to practice a lot more!!

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