This evening, Pat and I were at Half Price.  I was looking through the CD collection, picked up two that I wanted, then put them back.  I don’t really need these, I thought.  I can always pick them up some other time.

I continued looking, and then saw this:

Probot was Dave Grohl’s heavy metal side project.  He played all the instruments on the album and then recruited his favorite, most influential heavy metal artists to sing on the tracks.  This album was released in 2004 but since it was a one-time project, you can’t find it in stores anymore.  I was pretty shocked to find it at Half Price because it’s not a very popular record to find.  I snatched it up, discarding my previous resolve not to buy anything – there was no way I was leaving it there.

But then my brother bought it for me as a gift, which was pretty awesome.


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