When I Said, “It’s Unusually Warm and Sunny for January…”

I spoke way too soon.

Today the weather finally caught up with us, and it was gloomy, cold, and altogether miserable.  I went to the apartment gym to workout, but the elliptical machine was placed conveniently underneath the heater.  Who turns the heat on in a gym? So I thought, “Fuck this” and went to run outside.  By now, the weather was in the 30’s, and all I had on was a jacket and running shorts.

I lasted about eighteen minutes before thinking, “Fuck this” and went inside.  I am now defrosting.  My ears hurt.


4 thoughts on “When I Said, “It’s Unusually Warm and Sunny for January…”

  1. oopppsss! Coold! I’m going to run this morning.. and have to put on one t-shirt with short sleeves, one with long sleeves and one fleece jacket + a vest + gloves, and pants haha!
    Do you know what? I got you comment TODAY!! It said: You have a smap-comment, and of course I had to take a look.. maybe there’s like a spam-filter for links.. just a little bit LATE! lol!

    • It’s miserable running in the cold! I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather run in really hot weather!

      Oh that’s funny…I wonder why it said it was spam?

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