Awards Season

I love Hollywood awards season.  Every year I look forward to sitting on my couch and watching self-congratulatory speeches and fancy gowns.  I think the Golden Globes are my favorite, because unlike the Oscars, alcohol is provided to the audience.  Few things are as entertaining as tipsy celebrities.

Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes and I thought he was pretty hilarious in an, “Oh my God, did he just say that? YES HE DID!” sort of way.  He apparently got a bunch of celebrities upset with his jokes but I thought they were spot-on (the Scientology joke he made – OMG!)  Apparently he’s not going to be asked to host again. 

My favorite hosts are the ones who are able to make fun of the Hollywood elite beyond the soft, gentle ribbing that is expected- and these are the ones who are never invited back.  Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars in 2006 and I thought he was HILARIOUS, but all I remember from the crowd is stony silence. 

There’s something to be said about having a sense of humor.  Your whole job rests on whether or not you can lie for a living. You get free food, designer gowns and ridiculously marvelous gift baskets – can’t you laugh at yourself for one night? 

And just as a side note, I got second-hand embarrassment after watching Natalie Portman’s speech.  And she’s pregnant, so I can’t even blame it on the alcohol.  That whole “My fiance totally wants to sleep with me, HAHAHAHAHAHA” joke was weird, especially since her parents were sitting two feet in front of her.

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