Something embarrassing about me that I should not admit in public – I have dreamt that I am at a Foo Fighters concert more than once.  I have only been to one Foo Fighters concert in my life and, as much as I hate to say these kind of overly dramatic things, it was life-changing (one day I’ll blog why).

Last night, I dreamt Patrick and I were at another one.  And look! Just today, they released a teaser of one of their songs from their upcoming album.

This new album is supposed to be their heaviest yet, without any acoustic songs on the album.  This short clip sounds incredible.  The drum intro is pretty damn awesome. Already I can tell that I’m going to be running to this song (if you ever need good songs to run to, I highly recommend selections from the Foo’s catalog.  They keep me going). 

I honestly cannot wait until their album is released. Just another reason why spring needs to get here!


7 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. Haha! I guess you would laugh if you saw my playlist, and I guess your brother would laugh even more, even though I don’t know him at all.. lol! I listen to songs like:
    Maroon 5 – Makes me wonder
    Alicia Keys – No one/Try sleeping with a broken heart
    KT Tunstall – Suddenly I see
    Lenka – The show – LOVE this one
    SOS – Jordin sparks
    Pocket book – Jennifer Hudson (oops title/artist in the wrong place)
    Norah Jones – Back to Manhattan
    And hahahaha! Don’t stop believing – (the Glee version hahaha!)
    But honestly it works lol!
    If I choose songs in a certain BPM I run in a more even pace.. at least if feels like that.. good luck with the running 🙂

    • ^^^ I am silently judging you. =] jk
      If I’m running/jump roping, I need hip hop because I like a balanced and clearly defined beat that I can get my body in rhythm with. If I’m at the gym, it’s over-the-top aggressive bs that makes me feel inadequate as a human being.

      True story: I clicked on a Maroon 5 video on Youtube, “This Love,” thinking “Oh, sweet, they did a PanterA cover!” Nope. I had totally forgotten that song even existed. FAIL

    • I am not judging you 🙂 I love good pop songs. I like Nelly Furtado’s Loose album to work out to, have you heard that one? I will have to check out the Lenka song.

      Same here! If I’m doing a slow run, I can have slower songs, but if I need to run faster or need motivation, I turn on the Foos (or something similar).

      • Yepp, I know that album.. it’s pretty good, thanks for remining me.. I have to create some playlists on Spotify 🙂 I don’t think you like it, but it’s funny.. there’s a crazy girl on youtube called Julia Nuunes (Jaaaa)- I think you spell it like that haha! And she has done a cover on Accidentally in love, that is so funny! If you’re in a bad mood, listen to that song, either you laugh or you cry haha! but at least you won’t feel angry lol!

  2. Mmm,I agree about the life-changing nature of that show. That was my first real concert, and it made me into the music/concert junky that I am today! Things changed drastically in a couple years. Once all the lights went red at that aggressive, pre-chorus instrumental part toward the end of “All My Life,” and 80,000 people were jumping up and down, my life was fundamentally DIFFERENT.

    • Things did change drastically for us in the past couple of years, and it’s all because of that show. That show will always be one of my favorite memories. I remember before the concert thinking, “Ok, I’m gonna be mature and not jump around and act stupid,” and then Dave Grohl popped out of nowhere and started the riff to “All My Life…” and my life was never the same 🙂

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