I Am Happy

And here’s why:

-It was sunny today, all day.  And there’s only 8 days left until February.

-I did spring cleaning today, and got rid of a bunch of junk in my apartment and took it to Goodwill. I also sold back books to Half Price and actually made $20 (which was more than I was expecting). It went straight to groceries, but whatever.

-I bought some good, yummy, and healthy food for me to try and cook this week. Since I’m on a budget, I’m trying to limit eating out to just once or twice a week.

-I finally finished my Arrested Development marathon. I’m five years too late, but I love that show.

-I’m going to change my look in the next couple of days! That’s always invigorating.

-Tap just showed me the video for “You May Be Right” and it looks fantastic.  It’s going to be a lot sillier than our last couple of videos, and watching it brought back good memories (since we filmed it Labor Day weekend).  I’m really motivated to finish the drums and vocals on it now.  We took a long break but I think it was good for us creatively, because now we are reenergized and refocused.

-MY BROTHER JOINED THE BAND YOU ALL.  This is badass, because Patrick is not only a ridiculously talented guitarist, but he has these really punk-like vocals that will really expand our sound.  We’re covering “Down Rodeo” after we’re done with “You May Be Right.”

-I have my route picked out for tomorrow. I’m going to go for a very (slow) 11 mile run.

-I see my family in two weeks.

-I’m lucky to have such creative friends who inspire me to be more than just an engineer.

Night y’all.  Hope you are having a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “I Am Happy

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are happy!!!! 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT to see how you’ll change your look!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!! So excited 🙂 I want to make my hair lighter, I think I’ll start off with some highlights, but I’m such a coward, I don’t want my hair to fall off LOL! and I don’t want orange hair..;)

    • thank you 🙂 And I don’t blame you for being scared, I’ve had both good and very bad experiences with getting my hair lightened, LOL. You are a natural blond, right? So you may not have to dye your hair as often as I had to (my original hair color is very, very dark). Starting with highlights is always a safe bet though 🙂

      • I have had bad experiences too LOL! Actually I’m not haha! I was born with black hair, when I was little it was very blond, then it started to become darker, so my natural color is almost the same color as I have today.. I color it because the ends are still lighter so it looks kind of weird haha! but highlights is always a good start! 🙂

  2. 361! I’m excited to do another song with you guys, too. It’s gonna be a lot of fun just doing vocals cuz I get to RAP! “Now I’m rollin down Rodeo wit a SHOTGUN!” I’m glad you guys are working on that Billy Joel song. I’ve been waitin for that video to be edited for awhile.

  3. I ate out just about every day last week. That was bad. I need to cook this week. Fo’ sho.


    A change of looks is always fun. I need to figure out if I want to chop into my hair and get bangs. I’m afraid I’ll look like I’m 12. I already look young… I don’t need any more help in that arena… but geez. Everyone’s rocking awesome bangs lately.

    • Get bangs! It would look super cute! And I think it’s better to look younger than older. It depends on the bangs you get. If you get some awesome side-swept ones, that will save you from looking 12.

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