Lame Jenny Meme

A couple of months ago, my friends were at my apartment to celebrate my friend Conrad’s birthday.  As the night progressed, my friend Tap decided to make a meme of the things he heard me say or status updates I had posted that month.  He compiled these into a meme and called them Lame Jenny, since I’m the least exciting and goody-two-shoes of the group.  He used one of the most unflattering photos of me he could find, when I made the unfortunate decision of wearing a bunch of red lipstick.  (It’s ok, I got him back by purposely placing his status updates out of context in a meme).

Tonight Tap made two more additions to the meme, and I thought they were both hilarious and spot-on.  Somehow tonight I started ranting on how Katie Holmes supposedly cheated in the NYC Marathon a couple of years back (how could she NOT wear a bra while running a marathon? And then go out in heels that night? FAKE). Tap was not nearly as outraged as I was on the topic, and created the “Misplaced Social Action Jenny” meme:

The second meme stemmed from several online interactions I’ve had with the boys – I say something that I feel is harsh and then apologize several times, or misread what one of them say and get overly defensive.  That’s where the “Clarifying Online Communication” meme came from:

These are probably one of those “you had to be there” kinds of jokes, but I find them hilarious.


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