I Changed My Look Today

AND I LOVE IT!!!  (see icon)

So as most of you know, I was a natural brunette for a long time before venturing into the world of blonds.  Being a blond was a lot of fun, but it did have its drawbacks.  First, I looked even less Italian to begin with.  I used to have really pretty, soft, very long hair, but once I started dying my hair blond, it lost a lot of its luster. And just when I was getting it back last year, it got fried pretty badly, which was part of the reason why I decided to change my hair back to brunette.  Plus it’s just a whole lot cheaper.

I was a little apprehensive, because I went back to brunette in 2009 but hated how washed out the brunette color would get.  So I was very excited today, but apprehensive.  I went to my stylist today and discussed what I wanted to do. She decided to put a glaze on my hair first.  She said that changing from blond to brunette wouldn’t look good unless she put it on first.  The glaze was supposed to add warm honey tones and keep my hair from looking so dull.  She colored my hair a dark brown, close to my natural color, and added thin highlights on the top for a subtle differential color.

I was pretty nervous when I looked in the mirror but I LOVED IT.  It looked very different, but in a way, it was like the old Jenny was saying, “Hey, where were you this whole time?”  I haven’t been this excited about my hair since I first dyed it blond all those years ago.  It really brings out my features and for the first time in years, I feel like I look a lot more Italian, which makes me happy.  Plus my hair already feels healthier.

And you all, even my dad likes it!  He said it looks “gorgeous” and he has never said that about my hair before.  You ladies who dye your hair often will know how hard it is to get a stamp of approval from the men in your life.

So yes.  I am pretty damn happy with it.


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