Do you ever get random memories and wonder where they came from? I was sitting here reading a book when a sudden memory returned.  I was nine years old and getting my hair cut by a man.  He kept on asking me if I had a boyfriend and teasing me when I would answer, quite self-righteously, that I did not have a boyfriend, ew. I remember being flustered after the appointment because of his teasing.

I haven’t thought about that in years and years and years.  Why did this particular memory stick out suddenly?


3 thoughts on “Resurfacing

  1. That happens to me A LOT. Sometimes they’re memories from a few months, sometimes they go back years and years and oftentimes, they have no relation to what I’m doing/thinking about at the time. Who knows why memory works the way it works. It’s kind of cool though.

  2. Isn’t that just weird, that’s what happened to me a while ago when I ate some raisins.. (read my blog if you want the explanation haha!) I think that has to do with memory, when we get older it’s easier for us to remember things from the past.. even though it sounds strange, I think we learned that in school..if you think about old people – they often remember their childhood, but they don’t remember what they had for lunch the previous day.. LOL! It might be so that it’s the unconcsious (ahh can’t spell that word).. something now triggerd your brain to remember.. so it might be something useful or important 🙂 Things like these are interesting 🙂 You can google “transferance” (psychology) if you want to – it’s a part of that.. Ooopps I write to much and now I have to hurry! haha!

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