Winter Wonderland – In Texas

Each year, it’s inevitable – I find that I can’t really remember what happened in January or February.  This is ridiculous because it could be like, April, and I’ll still have a hard time remembering what events occurred in February.  I finally realized why this week, when the weather was below freezing for the entire week.  This may not be a big deal to you Northerners, but we Texans already get an abbreviated winter as it is.  January and February is our winter, basically.  And that’s why I can never remember what goes on during these months – cold weather makes me miserable and I just block it out.

So yes, last week was pretty darn cold (the wind chill factor was in the single digits – WHY?!) but we did get some of this stuff:

On Thursday night, my friend Conrad and I were chatting over-dramatically how the snow had not arrived yet and how the weathermen were LIARS and we were being TOYED WITH and God didn’t LOVE US because we didn’t have any SNOW ON THE GROUND.   I went to sleep at midnight and I could see ice on the rooftops. Nothing exciting.  At 2 am, I got myself out of bed and went to look outside, like a little kid looking for Santa.  Everything was enveloped in SNOW.  I squealed and went back to sleep, happy that I could be working from home the next day and didn’t have to go anywhere.
That morning, I woke up and took a walk around my apartment complex.  Everything was white.  I made a pathetic little snowman and ventured out of the gates to look at the road.  It was fairly empty, which was odd to see on a Friday morning during what should have been rush hour.  Several cars were getting stalled in the ice.  Some people were talking on cell phones while driving in the snow (like that’s a good idea).  Some of them wore doctor’s scrubs, which made me very glad that I didn’t have a job where I would be required to be on call, no matter what!  I think  northerners get a kick out of hearing that the entire state basically shuts down in a snow event, but it’s true – we can’t drive in the ice and snow.  There were hundreds of accidents overnight.  It’s honestly safer to stay at home than to venture out on the roads.
By afternoon, the weather had warmed to 36 degrees and it legitimately felt warm.  The snow started to melt and the roadways were dry enough for me to drive on.  But since this is only the sixth or seventh time I’ve ever seen snow in my life, I’m grateful that it visited us again so soon…and even more grateful that it was gone after a day.

8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – In Texas

  1. So…it doesn’t usually snow in Texas, huh? 😛 We saw it on the news. My 12-year-old cousin shrieked, “But it doesn’t snow in Texas!” Now it does, honeybunches. Now it does.

    I like your cute little snowman. I’ve never touched snow. I need to haul my butt to where it might snow, sometime.

    • It made the news over there? Awesome! Yeah, it definitely is not the norm here 😛

      Thanks! It was surprisingly hard to make. Snow is definitely something you must experience at least once.

  2. Your pictures make snow look so pretty! In that amoun snow is nice!
    really nice pictures, it’s fun to see a picture of you. I like your coat (is it a coat?) and I have to ask where you bought it..(not because it really make sense since I live on the other side of the world, but it’s always fun to know 🙂 ) I have a pair of dark red eye glasses that looks just like yours, but I bought a new pair last week, and I can’t wait until I get them (maybe tomorrow, ordered online 🙂 ).. the picture with the cars is really cool…

  3. As a northerner, I can say that we do, indeed, like to see people freak out over a dusting (which is what you got) of snow.

    BUT I am totally jealous that it shuts a state down. I haven’t had a snow day yet! Last year I had one and it was the best thing evar.

    • Haha, yeah, we didn’t get as much as Dallas (they got 6 inches). I love snow days! I would be so terrified of driving in snow that I would get fired if I lived anywhere where you live!

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