“You Make Me Feel Like I’m Living a Teenage Dream…”

…because this song is NEVER LEAVING MY HEAD EVER.

Whenever someone asks me what I think of Katy Perry, I usually say something along the lines of “I don’t like her.”  I liked “I Kissed a Girl” the first three hundred times I heard it, but I thought the rest of her follow-up singles were annoying, including “California Girls.”  So when “Teenage Dream” came out, I dismissed it without really listening to it.  I overheard it at a store and the breathy opening annoyed me.  Then some college-aged girls started singing along to it out of key, and that annoyed me even more (I realize that I sound like a grandmother in this paragraph, so I’ll move on).

While at work today, I was listening to a playlist of songs from Grammy 2010 nominees that playlist.com put together.  For every good song on that playlist (“Beg Steal or Borrow” by Ray LaMontagne), there was something horrible (“Soul Sister” or “Need You Now” need to be doused in fire immediately).  Then “Teenage Dream” popped up and I thought, “Ok. I’ll give it one more chance.”

When the song ended I thought, “I like the refrain.  Let me listen to it again.”  When it ended the second time, I thought, “Oh. This is pretty catchy.” Then I proceeded to play it over and over at least thirty times.

Damn it, universe. You win.  I love this song. I feel defeated.


5 thoughts on ““You Make Me Feel Like I’m Living a Teenage Dream…”

  1. I don’t listen to the Top 40 radio station a lot, but whenever I feel like it (about once a month), either Katy Perry’s already on or she’s about 1.3 songs away. I can’t stand her so I switch back to mp3 immediately. As a result, I’ve never listened to ‘I Kissed A Girl’ (and please God, keep it that way) and only really heard snippets of ‘Teenage Dream’. When I revealed this to my friend Kite’s fiance while I was in the US, he deliberately put that song on loudly to annoy me. I groaned the entire time. Which meant I didn’t really listen to the song. It wasn’t until they sang it in an episode of Glee that I thought, “Ooh, this song sounds kinda nice, who sings it?’ Googled > KATY PERRY. Ughhh. I still don’t like the original version, but I will sit through the Glee version.

    • I don’t listen to Top 40 either – I don’t know what it is, but it’s gotten soooo soooo soooo bad these past couple of years. It’s impressive that you haven’t heard “I Kissed a Girl.” That song was pretty unavoidable in 2008, at least in the US.

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