I Guess This Means I Actually Have to Practice

I was talking to Tap on gchat today about the track we’re working on for our next single.  (It took me forever to get a decent beat down but finally tonight, I succeeded).  Inevitably, we started discussing his birthday party this weekend.  Tap has a little room with wooden floors that we’ve used as a dance floor for past parties, and one of our friends and I started making plans on Facebook to have a dance party there again.  Tap informed me this afternoon that the dance party was going to be shelved for a live gig he’s planning with Conrad, Shark, and me.

Trying not to freak out at the prospect of playing in front of people on such a short notice, I worriedly asked what he expected me to do.  “Play bongos,” he said.  Tap then described how this performance would be all electric.  I think my exact words were, “But bongos would get lost in all the electrical shit” (I’m so articulate).  Then, knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I resignedly asked if I needed to bring the drum kit.

Tap said that he wasn’t going to ask me, but bringing my drum kit would be pretty ridiculously amazingly awesome.

I said that I would, only because of his birthday.  Tap responded with, “WE NEED LOTS MORE FRIENDS TO DO BIRTHDAY STUFF BECAUSE BIRTHDAYS MAKE JENNAH BRING HER DRUMS.”  (Tap is the only person who has ever called me Jennah).

So I guess I need to practice.  The prospect of playing in front of other people does not excite me at all, but it would be a good way to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m not going to think too much about it right now. Oh God.


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