Guess What I Bought?

This has been needing to happen for awhile.  I’ve been thinking lately of my plan in life and where I want to be in ten years.  Some things, like relationships, are hard to plan ahead, so I’m not even bothering with including any of that in my ten-year plan.  Instead, I’m thinking about where I want to go with my life.  This guitar is part of that plan.  It’s time.  It’s frustrating when you want to write a song and you don’t know how to articulate the chords you want into music.  I could rely on telling Tap or Pat what I’m thinking, but it will only help me be a better writer and musician if I learn myself. Plus, Dave Grohl plays guitar and drums and since he’s my favorite musician, it’s only natural that I try to learn guitar too.  Drums will still be my primary instrument since Tap and Patrick are already amazing at guitar and have been playing for years and years; I’ll never catch up to their skill level.

This purchase is mainly for just me.  For one, I’d like to start singing and composing some jazzier tunes.  I’m really fond of singers like Fiona Apple, Julie London, and Patsy Cline, and I’m always singing their songs when I’m in the shower.  I’m not a good singer but I feel like my voice is better suited to the jazzier and bluesier kinds of songs because I have a deeper singing voice.  Getting a guitar will enable me to make some covers on my own without having to rely on other people to put together a guitar track for me first.

But it’ll also get me out of my comfort zone. Patrick really challenged me today because I was having a hard time with the “You May Be Right” vocal Tap and I are working on.  I kept on trying to sing it “big” but the vocals were coming out flat, tuneless, and emotionless.  I told him I don’t have a voice suited for rock songs since I don’t have a big voice, and that I was going to stop singing rock songs after this and focus on jazz songs.  “Do you like singing jazz songs because it’s your favorite style or because it comes easily to you?” he challenged. It got me thinking.  When I got home, I started getting into the headspace needed for the vocal recording (angry and angsty) and after 6 takes, finally one was good enough to keep.  My default mode is staying within my comfort zone and always thinking I’m not good enough at something to accomplish it, so it’s always a marvel to me when I succeed.  Learning this guitar will keep me motivated and remind me that I need to step outside of my boundaries and fail, because only then will I be able to succeed.

FYI, I’m pretty proud of how I bought this.  I had a $50 Amazon gift card and therefore only spent $4 of my own money in this purchase.


2 thoughts on “Guess What I Bought?

  1. That’s so cool!! I can’t wait to hear your play and sing. It sounds like a great idea with the jazz songs.. I think that you and your brother are really talented and think that if you just show it or how should I explain it.. you’ll rock! 🙂 Or you do, but even more 🙂 Ooops that was hard to explain, but I hope you understand.. 🙂 That guitar is really nice 🙂 I have put away my guitar, it was so long since I played..

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