How I Spent Friday Night

Tonight I just wanted to decompress.  It has been a stressful couple of days at work and I just wanted an escape by not thinking about it.  My back is still ehhhhh so I wanted to rest so I can have happy fun times with my friends tomorrow.  First I went to Half Price to see if they had any GMAT practice books, but they didn’t.  I bought only one book for $5 and was very pleased with myself.

I came home and spent the rest of the night practicing my guitar.  I have decided to focus on this song:

My drum teacher told me yesterday that my voice has a Norah Jones quality to it and that he likes the way I sing (I’m always amazed when someone likes my singing because I think I sound horrible).  I can do a semi-passable impression of Norah Jones so figured it would be appropriate to learn one of her songs first.

I wanted to learn to play “Don’t Know Why” but the guitar part is more melodic and challenging.  “Come Away With Me” is one of my favorites from her, so I figured I’d try this one instead.  The chords for this song are pretty easy, but I am taking a break tonight because I hit the F chord.  The F chord is the reason why I gave up guitar back when I first tried it in 2004, but I will learn it.  Tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “How I Spent Friday Night

  1. Ah that song is good, have you heard the “live” version when she plays the guitar too.. ahh I wanted my guitar teacher to teach me that intro… but he couldn’t.. so I stopped taking lessons lol! Bar chords can be tricky, but practice makes perfect 🙂 I promise.. it has to hurt before your fingers get used to the bar thing.. there are many c-hord versions in that song? if that’s the case it might be easier to us the simple version of the f-chord or play all chords like bar chords if you want to practice 🙂 ..oopps I should stop giving advice no one asked for hahah! good luck!!!!

    • Thank you Alexandra! I need to watch that version you are talking about. No haha, you are a good guitar player, I appreciate the advice! I will have to check out the easy F chord 🙂

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