A Brief Recap of SXSW

SXSW is already over.  It has been pretty amazing.  I don’t think another SXSW can ever match it.

But even without the incredible opportunities Pat and I had, it would have been great. Spending time with friends and family.  Taking time off work.  Eating delicious but very unhealthy food all week (even if my stomach, which is used to healthier fare, heavily resented me later for it).  Dancing with my friend Tap downtown on St. Patrick’s Day and seeing an old high school classmate who I hadn’t seen since 2003.  Lots of walking everywhere downtown, enjoying the beautiful, warm, sunny weather (and sustaining a pretty mean little sunburn on my shoulders that is tender and warm to the touch – that’s what I get for wearing sleeveless shirts all week without sunscreen).  Catching some great new music and seeing all the street musicians.  People watching and random conversations with passersby.  Watching the Strokes from a hill and seeing a fireworks show afterward.  Getting into a verbal argument with a SXSW volunteer who was being a douche.  Hearing a freestyle rapper going off a beat a street musician was making.  Making multiple pilgrimages to the creepy statue my brother and I have dubbed Squirrel Boy.

The enormity and exhaustion of the week didn’t really hit me until I was sitting on my parents’ couch after the week had ended, trying to finish some work for Monday morning.  I was simply exhausted.  These music events are so much fun, but they can be quite taxing for even people who stay in good shape.  There is sleep deprivation.  You eat unhealthy food.  You get sunburned. Since parking is close to impossible during the music fest portion of the event, you have to park at least a good mile away if you don’t want to pay $20 for parking – that means you end up walking miles a day. Pat and I spent an average of 10 hours downtown every day since last Tuesday.  And yet, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.  I will never forget this week.

But the best part?

I saw Dave Grohl twice. TWICE.  TWICE.

You can expect that I will blog about those two occasions here shortly.

I think I will do a blog on why his music means so much to me first.

Then I promise I will quit chatting about Dave Grohl for at least a week or two.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Recap of SXSW

  1. ah! so weird that you were there too. not really, haha, but i always think of all my other blogger buddies as people in far off lands (which they often are).
    this was my first experience with sxsw, and it was pretty damn cool. you saw david grohl (twice), and i met gumby. seems we’re both satisfied 😛

    • Haha yeah, I do a double take when I read your blogs and you talk about South Congress or something in Austin that I’m really familiar with.

      SXSW was awesome! I don’t think next year’s can beat Dave Grohl and Gumby.

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