A Rush of Blood to the Head

Yeah, I finally bought this tonight, about nine (!) years after it was released:

I like Coldplay. Yeah, I said it. And I DON’T CARE. TAKE THAT, HIPSTERS.  Some of their songs are a little slow, but they’re pretty, oh so pretty.

Certain songs bring me back to my freshman year of college, songs like “All My Life,”By the Way,” “She Hates Me,” “Spin,” and “No One Knows” (man, I just got really nostalgic right now).  I was deep in my classic rock phase at 18 but I came out of it every now and then to turn on MTV and watch music videos of current groups. “Clocks” is another one of those songs – just listening to it brings me back to February 2003, when I had rushed home in the rain from my electricity and magnetics class to my dorm where my best friend, who visiting from out of town, was waiting for me. We turned to MTV (back when they still played videos) to watch this song.  Everyone from my classes kept talking about how amazing Coldplay was.  Posting “The Scientist” lyrics to your AIM profile was a cool and introspective thing to do.  I was usually skeptical of “modern bands” because I was annoyingly pretentious back then about any band that didn’t originate before 1976, but I found myself liking Coldplay right away.

And even if you don’t like the band, you have to admit that this song is amazing.


6 thoughts on “A Rush of Blood to the Head

    • You don’t even like “Yellow?” D: Haha. Check out “Violet Hill.” It made me more inclined to check out their last album (I was ready to give up on them after the “Viva La Vida” single.)

      • ESPECIALLY not ‘Yellow’. I think it’s the most pretentious song in the history of this universe. Blech. And I agree about ‘Viva La Vida’. That is a terrible, terrible song and for a while it seemed like the only song that was playing. Thank God that’s over!

      • Ah I love “Yellow,” but that’s the beauty of music…one person will hate it, and someone else will love it. Gives me hope if I ever decide to release music one day, at least one person is bound to like it :p Yeah, “Viva La Vida” was not one of their strongest singles, and unfortunately it’s all everyone played in ’08.

  1. I was in LOVE with a boy who loved Coldplay back in 2003. So every time I hear Yellow or Clocks, I think of him!

    The Scientist, weirdly enough, reminds me of my Peepaw. No idea why, really…

    • Aw I hope they make you think of good things when you hear those songs! One of my exes loved Stevie Ray Vaughn…not that I was a fan of his back then, but I’m even less so now.

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