What I’m Listening to Now


I got my brother into Red Hot Chili Peppers, but he got me into this album.  This is the first album with John Frusciante, aka “Froosh,” who is a hero of my brother’s.  I really like this album. It’s great to run to  because just about every song is fast-paced.  All the songs on the album are really good – my favorites include “Stone Cold Bush,” “Pretty Little Ditty,” (which that stupid song, “Butterfly,” samples), “Punk Rock Classic,” and “Sexy Mexican Maid.”  A new favorite of mine is this:

Also, can we take a moment and reflect on how hot Anthony Keidis is:

He’s so pretty.


I’m actually not a huge fan of the title track – I prefer the Unplugged version, but that could be from pure nostalgia because it was released when I was a kid. I was only seven or eight and didn’t know anything about Eric Clapton, other than he was the guy who sang “Tears in Heaven.” My mother hated that song and would change the station whenever it came on because it made her sad.  (I remember my mom having a conversation with my dad’s best friend at the time about the song, and to egg her on, he said, “The kid should have had a parachute.”)

ANYWAY I DIGRESS.  Last summer, I really got into “Bell Bottom Blues.”

Eric Clapton was in love with Pattie Boyd, who was married to his best friend, George Harrison.  He wrote this entire album about his unrequited love for her, and used the pseudonym “Layla” in reference to her.  I was really taken by the love story behind the song.  We have all experienced unrequited love at one point or another, so I listened to the song a lot and just was so affected by the emotions in it.  The song was temporarily ruined for me when I discovered that Eric Clapton, apparently, was a dick who not only slept with Pattie Boyd’s sister as a substitute for her, but when she and Eric Clapton FINALLY got together, after years of unrequited love, he got bored with her and cheated on her with someone else.

Regardless, the album really is beautiful. And it’s totally not subtle at all.  The lyrics are all basically like, “HAVE YOU EVER LOVED ANOTHER MAN’S WOMAN, AND HE’S YOUR BEST FRIEEEEEEND.”  “Bell Bottom Blues” is still one of my favorite songs, and I’m working on learning it for guitar (just the chords right now, as I am in no way capable of playing the real tabs).


I bought this album at a Walmart in the middle-of-nowhere town I was working out of this week.  A snippet of the tape they used to record the album was included inside as a treat for fans.  It’s their best record of their career, which is pretty crazy because this is their seventh album.  A lot of bands get really mediocre by their seventh album, so it’s incredible how rejuvenated the Foos sound on this record.  I’m not gonna lie – since the band previewed the album on their website April 1st, I’ve listened to it over twenty times. I’m not kidding. I lost count.

Today I liked driving around and blasting this song at full volume with my windows rolled down:

At one point, I was listening to music so loudly that I didn’t hear a fire truck on the other side of the road.  That’s not good.


My drum teacher said that this is one of his all-time favorite albums, so I’m going to give it a listen tomorrow while at work.


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