A Fond Farewell

Today was Liz’s going away party.  I left work a little early for the occasion, miraculously finding parking in an already crowded lot.  I’d gotten her a card and good luck bamboo.  In the card, I sincerely thanked her for the opportunities she had given me these past three years, and that I understood the responsibilities she’d given me were unusual for a starting engineer-in-training. I thanked her for having faith in me.  I thanked her for being a great role model to me.  Finally, I wrote that her kind note meant more to me than she’ll ever know.

I was sincere in every word.

It felt like a happy reunion.  The project team I’d worked with for three years were gathered outside.  They all started talking to me and saying that they missed seeing me.  I have really been missing them too.  One of them, who had sent me an email today asking for information, said, “I always want to email Jen, because she always sounds happy when she answers back.  You can feel that happiness coming from the email.”   I sat and talked with one of my coworkers for a long time and we enjoyed ourselves, eating appetizers.  We stayed and ate dinner with another coworker, who was kind enough to pay for our meal (despite my protests).

At the end, Liz and I hugged one more time and I found myself feeling sad as I told her I’d really miss her.  It was bittersweet. I know I’ll see her again but I’m so unused to coworkers leaving, as you can tell.  I’ve spent the past three years working with the same people, so this year is the first that I’ve had to deal with people I’ve grown close to leaving.

But I enjoyed the evening.  It was wonderful to see all these people again.

The weather was just too gorgeous. I took a picture from our view on the back deck but it does not do the view justice.


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