Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes

Often, I like to take advantage of being confined to my cubicle for eight hours a day and listen to new music while I work.  I have printed out a list of the Top 100 albums from 2010 as voted by NPR’s All Things Considered audience.  When I feel like discovering new music, I will take a look at an artist’s name, think, “Hmm, that sounds interesting,” and pull the album up on Grooveshark.  I always go into a new album with low expectations because I have very little tolerance for generic indie music.  Sure enough, I’ve crossed names off on the list with snide comments like, “Generic indie crap,” or “Stopped after song 2, too twee.”

Yesterday, I looked at the list and saw, “Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM.”  “I’ve heard of her,” I thought.  “I bet it’s gonna suck.”  I pulled up the album.

It did not suck at all.  Most of the album was written and produced by Beck. I listened to the album again and it is growing on me.  I especially like “Master’s Hands” and “Trick Pony.”  However, this is my favorite:

The strings and keys give the song such a moody undertone. I love it.  Plus she’s singing in French, which sounds so pretty (despite the fact that I’m half French, I do not understand a word of it).  Someone on Youtube commented that this could be a James Bond theme, and that’s so true.


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