I’ve been playing guitar for about two or three months now.  I was fortunate that I was able to sing while playing right away, which takes away some of the frustration usually associated with learning the instrument.  I never thought I’d have much of an interest in guitar. I never wanted to shred. I tried learning how to play in 2004 and gave up on it two weeks later out of boredom and frustration.

But something is different this year.  I picked it up and I cannot put it down.  I think it’s because music has more of a prominent role in my life now than it did as an indifferent college student.  Music has profoundly changed my life these past couple of years and without it I would be a hollow person.  

I aim to bring a little bit of rock and roll into every aspect of my life.  Since I was seventeen, it has slowly crept into my very being until I could not ignore it anymore.  And I finally gave in and surrendered.  It is only natural that I’d want to learn how to play it as I immersed myself in music.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection today as I practiced my brother’s electric guitar.  The effect was intoxicating.  Suddenly I wanted to be that girl who shreds.  The girl who tears a fiery solo before sitting down on her drum kit and blasts a monstrous fill. 

I will never be the frontwoman of a famous band, never experience the feeling of an entire arena chanting a song with me as I play a song…but as long as I know, deep down inside, that I could if I wanted to, then that is good enough.

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