I’m Still Here

My brother Pat is in town for a couple of weeks.  I like having my brother as a house guest.  He is on vacation from school, so his sleeping schedule is nuts.  On Saturday, I woke up at 6:15, and he was still awake.

Yeah, I’m training for a marathon, which is why I was awake that early on a Saturday.  It is time for me to run a marathon.  I was going to do another half, but I’ve already done a half and that wasn’t challenging enough.  I was training for a marathon back in 2003, when I was 19, and got up to 16 miles in my training before I had to stop. I had some health problems emerge around that time – that was when my thyroid started acting up, and I experienced problems with nutrition. I dropped a lot of weight that semester – I was already fairly slender, but I dropped to my high school weight, which was ridiculous.  That weight loss brought separate challenges.  It wasn’t that I was purposely starving myself – I was just a stupid college kid who didn’t know how to feed herself properly for that kind of training.  I don’t regret not finishing the training, though. I just don’t think I fully appreciated what I was getting myself into.  Now that I’m older and have lived more of my life, I have a greater appreciation for the challenges I am training myself for.

I’m really enjoying the running so far.  I ran my fastest 8-miler in a long time on Saturday and I felt so strong and happy by the finish.  Maybe the time isn’t fast to other people, but for me, it was a marked improvement.  Plus, the weather has been amazing lately.  It was actually cool Saturday morning, and people were wearing jackets.  Is this what spring is like in other states besides Texas?

But the increased running I have been doing has been wearing me out.  I’m actually getting to sleep before midnight, which is a very good thing.  Well, except for last night, because I had to stay up to see what the ACL lineup was going to be.  I’m pretty disappointed with the lineup this year. I am excited about seeing Coldplay and Ray LaMontagne, but I’m less than excited about the rest of the headliners.  I liked Arcade Fire’s last album a lot (and yes, I bought it months before it won a Grammy), but I don’t really care to see a show of theirs.  Same with Stevie Wonder and Kanye West. I like some of Kanye’s songs, but he sounds like a douchebag and even if I was playing “Flashing Lights” obsessively last week, I don’t really care to see him in person.

That’s all, I guess.  Now I’m just trying to keep busy at work and plan out my summer. I’m in denial that it’s already here.


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