The Search for a Scary Movie

I have a hard time finding scary movies.  I want to watch a movie and be so legitimately frightened that I can’t sleep at night.  Remember when you were a kid and the random things would scare the crap out of you?  I want to find a movie that scares me like I was five.  When I was five, I would get freaked out by the Jabberwocky, Jack Nicholson as the Joker, and the “To Be Continued” sign (don’t ask).

I was thirteen the last time I was legitimately frightened by a movie, and it wasn’t even a good movie.  My family and I were watching this cheesy B movie from the 60’s called Homicidal. I was watching it in my parents’ room, which was completely dark. I was the only one awake, as the rest of my family had fallen asleep.  There was a scene when someone was coming down the stairs in a wheelchair and then his head rolled off.  I bet I would find the whole movie laughable now, but back then, that scene freaked me the fuck out.  For days, I would lay in my bed and play that image over and over in my head.

Since then, I’ve been pretty disappointed by “scary” movies.  Signs was a piece of shit.  After years of hype and overexposure, I found The Exorcist to be such a letdown. I nearly fell asleep.  There have been several suspenseful films that I genuinely enjoyed, like The Ring, Paranormal Activity, The Others, and The Sixth Sense.   While there were really good creepy scenes in each (who could forget the, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I AM YOUR DAUGHTER?!” scene from The Others?), I can’t say any of these really affected me.

Tonight my brother and I watched a film called Session 9.  It was enjoyable and while it had some creepy elements, it was not scary.

I will not stop in my mission to find a film that scares the crap out of me.  I think I have to watch a Japanese or Korean horror film next. I hear those fuck with your mind.  I say, BRING IT!


6 thoughts on “The Search for a Scary Movie

  1. You are insane. I hate hate hate scary movies because, if I watch them in the dark, I will not sleep. And every noise I hear is definitely someone or something coming to kill me.

    No. If I watch them at all, I watch them in bright daylight hours and then I watch a comedy.

    • LOL I don’t know what it is…I guess I’ve always had that switch for when things get creepy. I just tell myself, “This is just a movie. It’s fake.” Broken bones, car accidents, or plane crash scenes in movies freak me out though.

  2. I thought I had posted a comment on here.. hmm… did you watch Hostel? apparently it’s a very scary one.. but I haven’t watched it cuz I can’t watch them.. especially knowing that I’m going to move into a house as opposed to living on a 3rd floor apt where it’s harder to surprise someone LOL

    • This is the first comment I’ve seen from you today…Wordpress did that to me once too, ate my comment :\ I haven’t seen it, I heard good things about it though. I will put that on my list. Haha yeah! I bet I would be more creeped out if I lived in a house. I feel pretty safe on the 3rd floor.

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