Song Rediscovery – “Moving On Up” and “Come Together”

Today at work, I decided to listen to Primal Scream’s Screamadelica.  It was number two on Q Magazine’s best albums list compiled back in 2001.  I had no idea who Primal Scream was. Judging by the name, I thought they were a death metal band that my brother would be more partial to.  But I figured a death metal band wouldn’t have a number 2 album on Q Magazine’s list, and decided to take a listen.

The first song on the album is a song called “Moving On Up,” and about thirty seconds into the song, I thought, “Holy shit, I know this song!”

My brain apparently knew this song very well, but I hadn’t heard it in years and years – since the early to mid-90’s, at least. Listening to the rest of the album, I found several other songs on it vaguely familiar.  It was strange.  Where had I heard this album?   I knew my parents didn’t have the album.  My old childhood babysitter Courtney?  She introduced my brother and me to some great music, but she was really into grunge and 90’s alternative, not house party music.  We were all way too young to experience that culture in its peak.

I looked at the comments on Youtube to try and gauge where I’d heard the song from. All the comments were along the lines of, “I HEARD THIS SONG IN 1992 AT A RAVE AFTER TAKING SOME E, GOOD TIMES,” and that totally was not helpful.

But once I came upon this song on the album, I knew exactly where I had heard it from:

Back in 1992, my mom purchased Cindy Crawford’s workout tape.  It looks pretty silly now as I look at a clip – it seems more like an advertisement of how in shape Cindy Crawford is rather than a real workout.  But it was really big at the time, and I guess back then, we didn’t notice or care how ridiculous it really was.

My mom frequently did the workout, which had a pretty great soundtrack of songs from the early 90’s, like Seal’s “Crazy.”  Amazon confirmed that Primal Scream made up a lot of the workout tape soundtrack, which is why it had sounded so familiar to me nearly twenty years later.  I find it funny how you can go so long without hearing something, but then your brain is like, “YEP! I KNOW THIS!”

As for the album, it was pretty good…I don’t think it should have been number 2 on that list. But maybe that’s because I wasn’t on any substances while listening to it.


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