Wicker Man Hecklevision

Tonight Pat, Conrad, and I participated in Hecklevision.   If you see a Hecklevision show,  you get to text whatever insult you want about the movie, and the screen shows everyone’s texts scrolling underneath the film.    It was held at this awesome theater here in town that lets you order food and drinks while you watch a movie, and usually puts on some really awesome shows.  Hecklevision tonight was the remake of Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage. 

“Wait, this film has Nicolas Cage in it?” you ask.  “Then it’s a 50% chance that it’ll be horrible.”  Since Nicolas Cage is starring in it, it’s pretty terrible. I forget who told me that when Nicolas Cage is starring in a movie, he completely overacts and the film is a dud, but when he’s a supporting actor, the movie is good and he doesn’t chew the scenery (as much).  I’d say that assessment is fairly accurate.

I watched this movie back in 2007 with Pat and our dad, and our general reaction when the credits rolled was, “What the fuck did we just watch?” So when Pat and I heard that we had the chance to pay $5 to see it again and be able to text insults at it while watching it, we said, “Hell yes.”

In case you haven’t had the chance to see Wicker Man, this is basically all you need to see right here:


2 thoughts on “Wicker Man Hecklevision

    • Actually not much happens the entire movie, except flashbacks of the same opening scene over and over. Then in the last 20 minutes, everything goes crazy.

      Hecklevision was great. There were some pretty witty people providing awesome comments.

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