In the past 24 hours there have two deaths. I hesitated blogging about them because one person I didn’t know particularly well, and one I did not know at all.  I didn’t want to act like I was baiting for sympathy when that is clearly not my intention.  But I’ve been thinking about this all day and just wanted to write something.

The first person who passed was a friend of my good friend. I hung out with him a couple of times, at a party and concert, and then communicated with him every so often on Facebook. I did not know him well at all.  The last time I saw him was over a year ago.  I was always hearing about him and his shenanigans through my friend, almost like he was a character from a television show. I received the news late last night that he had killed himself.  And even though I didn’t know him well, I couldn’t help feeling sad for him and the disturbing circumstances of his death. I thought about his family, his friends, and my good friend, all mourning his loss.  It is just such a waste for such an intelligent, funny guy to take his own life.  I hope he has found peace and that those close to him will be able to get through this difficult time.

Then this evening, my brother found out that a friend of his from middle school was killed early this morning.  This man survived a nine-month tour in Afghanistan as a Marine, only to get killed crossing the street during his first night in NYC.  It is just so unfair.

People in their twenties shouldn’t have to question their own mortality but it happens, unfortunately.  As much as we like to pretend that death is a foreign concept, that it happens to everyone except us, it’s all too prevalent.  When death happens to someone we know, even if just in passing, it can’t be as easily dismissed.  I’ve known several classmates who died since I’ve graduated from high school and even though I wasn’t close to any of them, I still mourned their passing.  People in their twenties shouldn’t have to die.  Well, no one should, but especially not people under, say, 95.

Randomness in life can be a blessing.  I owe so many of my best moments in life to random happenings or spontaneous decisions.  At the same time, that same randomness can be a curse.  We don’t have any say on what day we draw our last breath.  All we can do is toss a coin, walk away, and live life the best we can, to the fullest potential possible.  Embrace those people around you who you love and draw strength from them. Don’t fear what life will bring you because as long as you have a strong network of people who love you fiercely, you can get through anything.


2 thoughts on “Strangeness

  1. i don’t know why, but from my experience with death, it all seems to happen in clusters. a few years back my brother’s best friend, my great grandpa, and my friend’s dad all died within a couple months of each other.(and my favorite football player was killed by his mistress,but that didn’t seem right to group with the rest…) it was probably the most confusing couple of months i’ve ever been through, and i would wake up terrified with this irrational ‘who is going to be next’ mentality. i called my husband every time i heard an ambulance, which is pretty ridiculous looking back haha.
    but that was also the year that i started never taking life, or even any breath, for granted.
    that last paragraph of yours put it beautifully. 🙂

    • 😦 That sounds like such a rough time. No wonder you’d wake up with that feeling that someone is next. Death is terrifying and it’s one of my worst fears. I can’t think about it too much or else I depressed.

      But I’m glad that it motivated you to live the fullest life possible…judging from your blog, I can definitely tell you don’t take life for granted 🙂

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