Weezer “Memories” Tour

I am sorry if I have not responded to anyone’s comments in a couple of days.   In between my three projects, a fourteen hour field trip yesterday (which marked the first time I’ve ever driven myself for a 6-hour round trip in one day – YAY TEXAS IS SO BIG) and a proposal effort this week, I’ve been beat when returning home at night.  Tonight was my “catch-up on the internet night,” when I finally replied to my friends’ emails, Facebook messages, and blog entries.  I didn’t mean to ignore you guys.

But I’m not complaining at all.  Being employed in this economy is a blessing in itself, and I’m honestly much happier when I am busy with a long to-do list of activities.

I’ve been able to have some fun in between.  I went to see Weezer on Monday night.  I was supposed to go with a friend, but to make a long story short, I had to go by myself. I didn’t mind so much (okay, maybe a little).  I prefer going to shows with friends.  You do a lot of waiting around and it helps to have people to goof off with.  I stood for a good hour or so in line, so I was pretty close to the front once I went into the venue.  I texted Tap and my cousin Amanda to keep myself occupied, bantered a bit with other people in the crowd, and listened to a couple arguing in front of me with amusement.

I got into Weezer when I was 18.  Maladroit had just been released the year I went to college (hearing Keep Fishing or Dope Nose makes me nostalgic).  I’ve always been a casual fan, though.  I’ve heard the Blue Album a couple of times but it wasn’t anything that I really ever connected to 100%. Maybe I was too old by then.  Tap and I were recently discussing why everyone always hates on Weezer’s later albums. “I think it’s because they keep releasing albums for a certain demographic, and most of us have passed that point.”  I think he hit it on the nose, though I still like their newer stuff and don’t get the hate.

I had always heard that Rivers Cuomo is a bit eccentric, but he was a great, energetic frontman.  He came out into the crowd, a couple of rows right in front of me, shook hands with people, and climbed a tree.  See:

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My apologies for the crappy cell quality.I was actually pretty close to the stage. I realized how close when I saw a picture the next day on the city paper’s website.  I have put a box around the tall dude in flannel, because I was right behind him.  Because at a show, there’s always a tall dude in flannel right in front of you.

I thought the guitarist Brian Bell was hot, and there was a 0.05% chance there was eye contact, but that was probably just wishful thinking induced by the 100 degree heat.

For the first half of the show, the band played all their hits going backwards, including a completely badass, legit cover of “Paranoid Android.”  This was my favorite part of the show.   At intermission, we viewed a slideshow of really old photos.  Afterwards, the band came out again to play the Blue Album.  The crowd, which had been fairly decent, surged forward, until I was practically on top of people.

This was when I realized several things:

1. The last time I had listened to the Blue Album was probably 2007.
2. I probably should have listened to the Blue Album again before the show so I wouldn’t be standing there trying to recognize songs.
3. The only time being shoved next to people is fun is when you’re feeling the energy (like at the Foo Fighters ACL show). I was exhausted and was not feeling like bathing in someone else’s sweat.
4. If you continually push someone to get them to stop standing on you, they will not make any effort to move whatsoever.  But if you offer to help them find the debit card they dropped, they mysteriously will give you space to stand unencumbered.

I found myself getting a little nostalgic and sad with “Surf Wax America,” “Undone – The Sweater Song,” and “Say It Ain’t So” because those were songs my friends used to jam.

At the end of the night, I was exhausted but happy that I can cross another band off my bucket list of shows to see.


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