The Luck of the Draw

I was talking to my mom today, and she was telling me about a Facebook post she had seen a couple of days ago.  The wife of one of her extended family members posted a picture of herself eating food in front of a homeless guy, with a caption that said, “I’m eating food in front of a homeless guy. At least I work hard for my money.”  My mother found the post abhorrent, as I did when she told me about it.  She said that people rightfully began attacking this woman’s post, until the woman removed the post and made another status update, saying, “It was just something I was feeling at the moment. If you didn’t like it, unfriend me.”

I’m not here to argue about why homeless people are in the situation they are in.  I’m not here to debate about whether or not you should give them money (my view is give money if you want to, but with discretion- don’t give money if you feel unsafe).  I highly doubt homeless people are in the situation they are in just because they have an aversion to work.  I think it’s clear that they are in their situation for many complex reason, like mental health issues.

That being said – how fucked up of a person are you if you actually gain joy at the thought of eating food in front of a homeless person?

We should never think we’re superior to another human being for the blessings we have in life.  Because that’s just what they are – blessings.  You can achieve a lot in life through motivation and hard work, but there’s also a lot of luck involved.  I think sometimes just how lucky I was to be born to the parents I have.  I could have been born to neglectful parents, abusive parents, substance-abusing parents.  Instead, I was born to two people who love me very much and wanted me to get an education so that I could have a good life.  That doesn’t make me a superior person.  That just makes me a fortunate person.

The fact that I have a loving family, friends, and an education does not make me a better person than someone who has to survive on the streets.  If anything, the blessings you have been given in life should make you feel more empathy towards people in that situation. I really hope that this woman, who is a young mother, really opens her eyes and focuses on what’s important – being a decent human being.


4 thoughts on “The Luck of the Draw

  1. Goodness, eating food in front of a homeless person is seriously messed up. I’ve bought food for homeless people—one time I even bought breakfast at a café and got an extra one delivered across the street. I would have thought that more normal than, well, being a bitch.

    You are right: there are numerous reasons someone is homeless, and for us to have a roof over our heads in a very comfortable space is an incredible blessing. There’s a lottery on where you are born, and we were lucky we wound up with decent families. On that alone we’re in the top few per cent of people on this planet.

    • That’s really kind of you to do, and that SHOULD be the reaction instead of, “haha, watch me eat my sandwich.”

      I’m grateful for it every day. I see people saying things like FML and I just think, do you know what you are really saying? Our problems are so miniscule in comparison to what most of the world experiences.

  2. That’s awful! I mean, I can see situations where a homeless person will have to see someone eat food without having any for themselves… but feeling superior?

    Hell, any of us could lose everything we have at any moment. I have never felt superior over someone because I *have* more.

    That woman should feel ashamed of herself.

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