Why Do So Many Women Like Dave Grohl?

One of the nifty things about WordPress is I can see how people find my blog.  I don’t track IP addresses (yet), but WordPress tells me what Google search terms people use to find this blog.  Some of them are pretty entertaining, let me tell you.  And a couple of you are really sick.

Someone today searched for “Why do so many women like Dave Grohl?” I think the answer is simple enough for a short entry.

1.  He’s in a band, he has an awesome voice, he plays guitar, and he is one of the most badass rock drummers alive.  Chicks dig musicians, especially supremely talented ones.

2.  Even if he didn’t have all his music talent, he’s really funny and self-deprecating, is incredibly hard-working and humble, loves his family, and has the biggest smile in the world.  How can that not be attractive?

I say this all from the perspective of someone who really just respects him for his music and does not have a crush on him or anything OK MAYBE A LITTLE.


2 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Women Like Dave Grohl?

  1. I totally agree with you. I think he is soooooo attractive, and I don`t usually find men with beards and moustaches attractive at all. Don`t get me wrong I wouldn`t want to sleep with him in all honesty. I`m a christian woman who loves her husband. To be honest my husband is a very attractive man. Dave just appears to be genuinely everything you say.

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