I Want to Erase This Conversation From My Memory

Mom:  I saw this Lemmy documentary on TV. You know Lemmy?
Me:   Yeah, I know who Lemmy is.
Mom:  For the first half of it, they showed Dave Grohl shirtless.
Me:  Ok…?
Mom:  I don’t know, I think your dad has more muscle.

::my brain begins burning in an infinite loop::


Then I can overhear my dad saying, “What are you all talking about?”

Mom:  We’re talking about if you or Dave Grohl have more muscle.

3 thoughts on “I Want to Erase This Conversation From My Memory

  1. I wish I could say I didn’t relate to this at all, but I completely can!! Oh good lord, I was totally squirming while I read this because my mom likes to make comments like that all the time (not about Dave Grohl-Dad comparisons, but in general) and it’s a particularly hideous form of embarrassment.

    P.S. I love your blog! I found a link to your post with the sonnet, and I’m so glad I found this because everything I’ve read so far as been so great 🙂

    • LOL parents don’t realize how damaging it is to our psyche when they relate some hot celebrity to a parent!

      Aw thanks, I’m subscribing to yours too….looks awesome 🙂

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